Syllabus Template: Spring 2015


Syllabus template (Google Doc)

This template is designed to help you construct your syllabus for ENG 101 or CPLT 110. The template provides a structure to follow as well as sample wording that you may use at your discretion. Please feel free to adapt this template (including design elements!) to your needs and the aims of your course. There are lots of interesting syllabi available from your peers at Emory and on the web from which you can recruit words.

Be aware that:

  1. You’re required to include a statement or information that addresses every topic in the template document.
  2. Your policies should help advance your learning outcomes. For example, if participation in class discussion and writing workshops is important for your outcomes, then you might want to explain how you’re going to assess student participation in these activities.
  3. Your syllabus is in essence a contract between you and your students. Be mindful of how you want a student to experience the course and the impression your syllabus makes. In grade-appeal cases, adjudicators will examine the policies outlined in your syllabus to help determine the outcome.

Additional (Optional) Policies

As with the required sections, you can adapt any/all of these policies as you see fit.

Domain of One’s Own

This course is part of the Domain of One’s Own project. You will build and maintain a personal website and compose with a variety of digital tools. No prior experience with web design or digital authoring is required for successful completion of course work. Your work will be published to the web and available to audiences beyond the class and university.

Small Writings and Assignments

Keep up with these as they are assigned. They help prepare you for class, give you a direction to work, give you practice opportunities for writing, critical reading, and thinking. These assignments will be collected on the due date and NOT accepted late (again, unless we make a prior agreement). If you know you will be absent, you must hand in your assignment early.


Since we are composing multimodally throughout the course, you are encouraged to bring to class and operate laptops, tablets, and smart phones. The classroom is equipped with desktops that we will use regularly. I encourage you to develop best practices for negotiating among virtual communities and the real time of the classroom. What choices can you make to remain attentive to your peers and me, while at the same time engaging with digital resources?

Public Nature of the Course

Please consider all writing for this class to be “public.” Part of becoming an effective writer is learning to appreciate the ideas and feedback of others. In this course, our purpose is to come together as a writing community. Avoid writing about topics that you wish to keep private or that you feel so strongly about that you are unwilling to listen to the perspectives of others.