Wednesday, April 1 – Methods/Methodologies


Writing Studies Research in Practice, pp. 1-97


  • Live tweet one chapter
  • Prepare to lead discussion
  • Develop rationale memo (see details below)

Address the reflection/rationale to the Writing Program Assessment Committee, a group composed of English graduate students who have taught Eng 101 and 181 and faculty/staff from English, the Writing Program, and ESL services.Your chief goal is to explain how the course plan will help students achieve the new learning outcomes (as well as other outcomes that you’ve developed). Other elements you might explain include (but certainly aren’t limited to)

  • the role student texts play in your course
  • how the theme of your course will help direct student inquiry throughout the semester
  • the sequencing of your assignments (i.e., the shape of your semester)
  • the scaffolding you plan to provide with a high-stakes assignment you’ve developed
  • how the textbook and readings you’ve selected will contribute to the students’ development as writers
  • how you plan to include the portfolio in your course and the kinds of reflective writing and revision you will have students do as part of their work
  • how you plan to have students write in multiple genres and modes
  • how you plan to make multilingualism and the capabilities of multilingual students an asset to your course