Wednesday, April 15 – College and Beyond

Guest Speakers: Heather Julien, Tina Colvin, Lauren Holt, McKenna Rose


College Writing and Beyond, pp. 5-105


  • Live tweet one chapter.
  • Prepare to lead discussion. Summarize the chapter in two or three sentences and develop two discussion questions.
  • Develop instructions (assignment sheet) for one of your high-stakes assignments. As you prepare this assignment sheet, please review theĀ assignment-sheet checklist and cover the areas specified therein. You might also consider the innovative way Shanna Early chose to address those areas. Her 101 Syllabus is also something to consider as you think about working with page space and design elements. Be prepared to talk about how the assignment sequence enables students to practice alphabetic, oral, and visual communication and how you’re thinking about framing the genre of the assignment as part of an activity system that works outside of the classroom (notice here that I do not say “outside of the academy”).