Wednesday, March 25 – Syllabus


Syllabus for ENG 101 or CPLT 110. This syllabus should include

  • A revised version of your course description.
  • The required sections that appear in the syllabus template.
  • A portfolio component, though how you implement assignment, revision, and assessment with the portfolio is up to you. The writing program will be collecting a number of these portfolios for program assessment at the conclusion of each semester.
  • A weekly schedule or unit schedule (e.g., analysis unit, argument unit, research unit) that details the reading and writing (including exercises and writing-to-learn activities) students will in each segment of your course. You don’t have to have plans for each day at this point.

In class

Syllabus sharing

  • Revised course theme
  • Major assignments and why you’ve sequenced them as you have
  • How you envision the texts you’ve selected informing daily attention to and practice with writing