Wednesday, March 18 – Syllabus Construction: Multimodal Composition




From Steve Stockman’s How Shoot Video that Doesn’t Suck.

  • “Think in Shots.”  (reserves link) (5 pages with pictures)
  • “Plan with a Shot List.” (reserves link) (10 pages with pictures)


  • Live tweet one reading
  • Prepare to lead discussion – For these practically oriented readings, develop two or three discussion questions and one in-class writing activity that you could incorporate into a first-year class.

Planning – Course Syllabus Due Wednesday, March 25

Use the syllabus boilerplate to develop your own syllabus for ENG 101 or CPLT 110. The syllabus needs to be complete, including a weekly schedule or unit (e.g., analysis unit, argument unit, research unit) schedule that details writing (and reading) that you’ll ask students to do. You do not have to have each day of your course planned at this point.

Students are the audience for this syllabus. Do not “narrate your course” in this document (e.g., “This week, I’m planning on . . .”). I’ll ask you to do that kind of reflection in a rationale document that’s to accompany the syllabus.

You should seriously consider using a brief rhetoric to help with writing instruction. We have a number of these available in Callaway N205A. Several students have had good luck with They Say/I Say and Understanding Rhetoric: A Graphic Guide to Writing. As future teachers of record, you can order review copies at no cost.